Be responsible

SwissSafeCollect Ltd, based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, is a young company built on a unique asset conceived, industrialised and fine-tuned since 2012. Our founder Benoît Cailleteau, an emergency MD based in Switzerland developed a new medical concept: a smart device for collecting and interpreting urine data.

This worldwide patented collector improves waste management systems for urine and transforms this waste into information sources for treatment monitoring improvement and research purposes.

The board strategy – active since June 2018 –  focuses its energy on building new unique services in the oncology field, based on this patented new technology, guaranteeing a sustainable added value for those pathologies. The model lies on offering a unique end-to-end service : secure collecting, therapeutic monitoring and eco-processing of contaminated urine.

We provide new openings for life science companies and governments in need of collecting contaminated urine, enabling them to increase their social and environmental responsibilities.

Our services bridge the gaps by :