Personalised life science application

Our Servcie is easy and safe to use. Within cancer treatement application for example, during the period of urinary elimination of the therapy molecules, they allow users to urinate fully, autonomously and with dignity, when, where and how they want without impacting the environment or people around them.

Thanks to the simple handling of our native technology, individuals can easily facilitate the monitoring of their treatment, thus guaranteeing a precise follow-up of their kidney state.

Our collector does not contain hard plastic pieces. The liquid collected is safe and tight thanks to our unique multi-layered anti-reflux valve. We offer an affordable and easy to use service which is traceable and eco-friendly. It allows an easy storage as well as a safe disposable procedure, preventing any external contamination risks. The end users find it comfortable and respectful of their dignity allowing them to monitor treatment efficiently.

One of our service application will serve one of the most important health concerns of the coming years

The global cancer observatory of WHO announce unfortunately that 1/5 men & 1/6 women will have a cancer in their lifetime.

Worldwide, more than 18 millions new cases are diagnosed per year.

In Switzerland, for example:
317’000 persons are living with cancer,
Out of which 40’000 new cases per year,
With a total of 115’000 treatments per year.

Thanks to science improvements and research, oncology treatments are multiple, more targeted and using more and more complex molecules.

Our collector offers standardised collecting through complete urination (and not only when spot on). It also ensures a unique continuous monitoring of the patients renal function thanks to modern digitalised technology – specifically during oncology treatments.

Cancer treatments imply multiple risks that require specific management to minimize the impact:
on the environment,
on patients,
on families,
on caregivers.

These chemotherapies are potentially carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic for reproduction. Their toxicity threshold is estimated at a nanogram per liter. They belong to the micropollutants. Always present in the urine eliminated in the toilets, they are real toxic agents, unfiltered by the sewage treatment plants. As an example: they end up in the drinking water downstream of these stations. Their concentration involves a strong environmental trouble for flora and fauna.

Toxicity to the patient is primarily renal, often irreversible or even definitive. It is essential to be able to evaluate and prevent it. In response to the precautionary principle, it’s about managing a risk.

The integration of this risk, through the tracing of urine, the daily analysis of its components allow us to measure the importance of kidney failure secondary to these treatments.

Our service is adapted to a safe urine collection and treatment monitoring, for oncology procedure in hospitals or at home.

Serving medical welfare and efficacy