Life is as precious as gold

The real power of urine

Urine is the sterile product of the filtration of our blood by our kidneys. Urine witholds a very important value for human health and environmental protection. It is naturally excreted by the kidneys and is valued for being physically visible, transparent, homogeneous and stable. It is unappropriately considered as impure and valueless waste. In reality, urine is a fluid fundamentally related to life and synonymous with good health, if its composition and excretory function are maintained and constant. Thanks to the more than 3000 identified components called the metabolome, urine carries our individual imprint.

The advantages of urine for treatment performance :

Research shows a huge potential in urine, be it a raw material, an industrial fertilizer, a diagnostic tool for scientists and medical practitioners or an energy resource. Healthy cells of urine are also likely to become high quality stem cells. They remain entirely functional up to 7000 days without any damage. This makes urine the next goldmine for many industrial applications.
(Source: Thierry Berrod, Quincy Russell)

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identified components

The metabolome is the image of what our body absorbs and rejects such as food, drugs and medicines. Any absorbed molecule, including drugs, is excreted in its original form and/or metabolites. The most toxic are the molecules used in chemotherapy products.

Urine collection and monitoring leverage a remarkable spectrum of applications for treatments, medical prevention as well as environmental protection. It is about digitialising urine by creating connected services, a database in real-time, optimising the quality of care, while contributing to overall health savings.