Bridging the gaps


  • ... controlling one's pathology
  • ... being "pre-diagnosed" much faster
  • ... benefitting from a predictive and diagnostic value of urine
  • ... having access to an affordable mini-lab
  • ... diminishing the costs of the most expensive pathologies thanks to pre-diagnostics
  • ... mass diabetes screening campaigns becoming affordable

We, SwissSafeCollect, do not just imagine

Our roadmap

Listen, develop, work, connect and believe hard to make it possible in a valuable and responsible manner.

We think it is key to first focus our services and energy on the very specific oncology application. We will then extend and open our services to other chronicle diseases such as diabetes.

In parallel, we further wish to enhance our applicative richness and user interface. Our ability to target specific urine components for personalised monitoring will lead to the opening of further facilities.

Finally, all on-going and already developed services and specific applications will contribute to building our urine database, thus providing added value for further research and embedded data services.