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Swiss Safe Collect

You should be in control of your wellbeing and health.. At Swiss Safe Collect, we share that belief, and we strive to provide you with easy access to relevant data and knowledge, so you can make informed decisions at the right time.

Our Mission

We set out on a mission to empower you with a personalised, comprehensive and easy-to-do solution to take ownership of your health data.


We want you to have the most comprehensible and most relevant data at the right time, so you can make the call to live a healthier and bespoke life.

And what better starting point than urinary tests? They provide relevant and actionable information in a test that is non-intrusive, and quick and simple to do at home.


Our Story

An expertise born from medical experience.

Swiss Safe Collect SA (SSC) is a Swiss company founded in 2018 in Neuchâtel by Dr Benoît Cailleteau, MD.

With a practical experience of more than 25 years in medicine, first practicing as an emergency doctor then as a general practitioner, Benoit developed a device to collect the urine of patients lying down in helicopters and ambulances. The practical aspects and ease of use of this collector led to the idea to expand the usage to make urinalysis with no extra manipulations.

To bring his vision to life, he founded SSC with the objective to go one step beyond the urine collector. We have since managed to integrate an analysis tool to the collector and paired it with a mobile application that allows anyone to make an analysis anytime and anywhere, and provides results within a few minutes.

SSC has partnered with several major actors in the place to set up a production line and developed a state-of-the art application.


Our first product will be available end of 2023. 


"For me, urine is a treasure - to understand what is happening in our bodies, the most efficient way is to compare what goes in and what comes out. Doing a urine test is like doing a first health checkup, and I do it systematically for all my patients."

Our Team

Divers Underwater

Our projects

Our first product is focused on providing athletes with an easy tool to measure their health and wellbeing level, with comprehensive advice to improve it. 

Our goal is to provide athletes with a new range of metrics that go beyond heart-rate monitoring, without the need for a physical examination or any intrusive sampling.

Our app will give athletes a means to evaluate the impact of their daily behavior, nutrition, or training program, and to adapt it on the go. It can help athletes prepare for an event, recover after an event, or as a monitoring tool to enhance their fitness level.

Our data-centered approach also allows us to provide athletes and coaches with detailed graphs, trends, and patterns, and to compare them with their peers. Our solution is Swiss-Made, data protection and privacy are at the core of our app.

We are also working on a registered Medical Device that will bring the accuracy of a laboratory to everyone's home. This will dramatically shorten the timeline between a healthcare professional prescribing a urinalysis and their diagnostic to the patient. Stay in touch with us on our social media to follow its development.

Our product is set to release end of 2023

If you are interested in becoming part of our early-testers’ community, please join our waiting list. You'll get free trial as soon as it is available

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The Power of Urine

Urine is not valued for what it is worth.

It can be a wide source of information ranging from detecting overtraining and improving recovery for athletes to early detection of multiple medical conditions.

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Our partners

We rely on key partners to develop our product. As industry leaders, they bring their know-how and expertise to speed up the development and improve cost effectiveness

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Our products are designed and made in Switzerland

Contact us

Swiss Safe Collect SA

Espace de l’Europe 3

2000 Neuchatel

UID/VAT CHE-114.978.800 – DUNS 48-523-6645

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