A unique end-to-end service value creation aiming at greater Corporate Social Responsibility in healthcare and personalised life science application.

SwissSafeCollect is a swiss company offering services to collect, monitor and process toxic human urine. We help doctors improve therapeutic monitoring, treatments’ compliance and efficacy. Our respectful urine collection device prevents the contamination of caregivers and of persons close to patients. We empower the healthcare industry to implement their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments.


As a responsible and forward looking company, we aim at generating a positive social & environmental footprint by avoiding waste and environmental contamination while reducing physical and moral patient impact.

Our Swiss connected safe medical device and services helps companies to fully embrace their CSR by collecting cytotoxic urines and monitor treatment compliance.

We value a human approach, respecting and dignifying patients and the people around them.


We are opening new high value service opportunities, thanks to our service analytics and a safe collection of an unique human golden database.

Our aims are both to prevent micro-pollutant contamination and to offer advanced personalised treatments monitoring by offering a connected service combining a device able to deliver patient-specific lab-on-a-chip information from human urine collection.

We want to help protect the environment as well as oncology patients and their beloved ones.

the gaps

We are the “Missing Link” within today’s high performing medical processes. We are bridging the gaps by bringing the first safe, affordable, traceable and connected, eco-friendly service for a valuable golden human being excreta. Discover the superpower of urine, a unique personal fingerprint of human health.

We offer a new source of Data Collection for future research and further personalised treatments.


To patients, doctors and the healthcare industry, we offer our services to improve treatments, monitor progress and efficacy, protect people and the environment.

We achieve this by safely collecting toxic drug residues present in urine, by providing an adapted elimination process for oncology patients treated in hospital or at home. Moreover, our proprietary digital services and systems enables a personalised and continuous monitoring of their renal functions.

Leverage information content of a golden database


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