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Data Privacy Policy myDOXA

Data Privacy Policy for the mobile (Android and iOS) app myDOXA

Last updated on Mar. 2024

What data do we collect and how do we collect them?

We collect the following identifiable data in the app

  • Your email address – as the main identifier of your identity.

  • Your name and surname*

  • Your height and weight*

  • Your assigned sex at birth*

  • Your phone number*

  • The biomarkers measurements of each urine analysis

  • The picture captured during the urine analysis and the video sequence that leads to that capture – the capture frame is designed not to include any identifiable element if you have not altered the Collector.

  • The activities journal entries*

*if you filled them in

We collect the following data anonymously in the app

  • Usage statistics relative to your usage of the app for statistics purposes, some examples of such data are time spent on screens, number of clicks on buttons or number of launches of the app.

  • Bugs and errors reporting when the app crashes and/or malfunctions. Those reports do not contain your device ID nor user profile but may include technical data such as your OS version, your phone’s make and model and the app version. Those reports may also include usage statistics (such as described above) in the moments leading up to the malfunctions.

We only collect those data within the app and do not use other means or methods outside the app to collect or correlate them from external sources.

What do we do with your data?

The identifiable data allows us to tailor and personalise the information displayed in the application such as nominal ranges, recommendations, and nudges.

The identifiable data is also rendered unidentifiable (aka. pseudonymised data) and stored in a separate database to improve our services. Typically, the pseudonymised data is used to spot abnormal measurements and biases in the algorithm.

The anonymous data is used to improve the mobile app experience by identifying blocking points in the user’s journey, recurring crashes, and unexpected behaviours.

Where are your data stored?

All data either identifiable or anonymised are stored in Switzerland exclusively.

Data processing by third parties

Your identifiable data is solely processed by employees of Swiss Safe Collect.

The pseudonymised and anonymised data are mainly processed by employees of Swiss Safe Collect. They may also be processed by contractors of Swiss Safe Collect that are bound to us by strict NDA.

Contact Us

If you wish to contact us regarding how we use your Personal Information or wish to exercise your data privacy rights, please email us at or write us to the following address: 

Swiss Safe Collect SA

Espace de l’Europe 3

2000 Neuchâtel 


To facilitate the most efficient answer, please provide the following information: 

the name of the website you are referring to; 

your relationship and interaction with us; and 

a description of the information you would like to receive from us. 

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